I'd like to share with you everything that I'm about (well, almost everything). I hope that something here will interest you enough to make you connect with me. Who knows, something good might come of that.



I find it impossible to get bored, by virtue of the simple fact of being alive. Even what is boring is interesting for being boring. All the pleasures that the body can bring if it is healthy and strong, and all the misery if it is not, are not lost on me. Still, my greatest fulfilment comes from my interactions and relationships with others.

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Being an emerging writer comes with the freshness and excitement of almost daily discoveries. I have found a home in historical fiction, the writing of which, I've since realised, is not unlike design in architecture, for which I retain a passion. I find the eastern mediaeval world so rich that I'd happily spend the rest of my life weaving stories there.

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I am a lecturer in English for Academic Purposes (EAP) at New York University in Shanghai. My teaching is driven by the same philosophy that drives my life: to become as fully human as it is possible to become. My commitment to my students is to enable them to do the same. To see them find themselves is the greatest reward.

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