With permission from the authors, these are private comments I received that might invite further comments.  'Flash memory'? Purely arbitrary. I don't even know how those words got into my head. For me they work, somehow.

Madeleine Thien
23 Aug   
to Anjuli Pandavar
dear Anjuli,
it's wonderful to read it, thank you! I'm fascinated by your website and how you'll bring another way of looking at the world, and reading it, into existence. This is a great line: "I claim for myself the same flexibility and freedom."
I'm very glad I'll get to see you on Saturday. …I seem to recall a coffee shop nearby, or maybe we can have lunch?
xo maddie
From: Theodoros Dounas
Sent: 12 September 2013 20:21
To: Anjuli Pandavar
Subject: I just...
had time to read this :
and am fascinated with some of your perspectives (even though I still disagree with your view on enlightenment)
have you read Stephenson's 'the Baroque Cycle' ?
if not I highly recommend it along with Cryptonomicon.
ps: I think your text would make a very very interesting public lecture.